Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday - Old Lifeguard Beach

I've been to Maui many times, but the sailing yesterday at Old Lifeguard Beach was about as good as it gets! The outer bar was breaking, waves were chest to head high, and the wind was solid SW mid twenties, water was warm and the UVs were beamin'.

What a cool venue to hang out with some great sailors.

I'm really honin' in on my well earned, new found foward skill with my two best rotations attempts yet. Bill commented that the sail rotated perfectly, landing in the water start position.

I'll be working on gettin' that back hand back, pulling in with the back hand, and lookin' back. Bill and Keith, thanks for all the encouragement and coaching. I'm deeply gratefull.

Bad fall today. Going into a bottom turn and my footstap yanked out of the insert. I'm talking the entire screw just popped out. Needless to say I wiped out pretty bad. My hand is pretty swollen, but its all good. war wounds.

Ken also had his best rotation while Bill, Janis and I stood on the beach cheering! This event has been completely awesome for both of us as we both achieved our goals!

Here's Ken's best forward to date:

The are so many good photos of me and my friends. My wife is so awesome!



Bill Havin' an Absolute Blast!

One of the best bail out shots I've ever seen. So much fun!

There are too many photos. Check out this slide show to see a few more.

More of my friends:

The end of one of the best days ever.

I have lots of GO PRO footage to go thru and edit so check back later for video action.


Bill said...

Great shots Janis of another awesome Hatteras windsurfing day!! So stoked you guys were here to experience it!! And on top of that make those excellent rotations yesterday George and Ken!!

The FUN factor really is showcased here in this post and photos!!!

Ken Kellar said...

Great post George. Thanks for motivating me to go for more forwards that day by your own attempts (I still plan to sail away clean first!). I'm incredibly greatful to Bill for arranging the event and to the other Hatteras experts (Donny, Keith, Andy, Jeff, Stewart) for their encouragement and patience in explaining how to "Go for it!" And thanks to Janis for carefully documenting all of our fun. I hope to see you out on the water soon.