Thursday, June 12, 2008

OBX Loop Fest 2008

I'm headed down to Hatteras Saturday morning to participate in the OBX Loop Fest 2008
This is the first organized windsurfing event that I’ve ever participated in.

The month long event (entire month of June) primarily focuses on first time loopers. I certainly hope to be able to call my self a new looper by the end of this trip. The event is intended primarily to be informal gatherings oceanside, along with tips from local loopers, and more importantly, sailing encouragement to go for it by watching others doing it.

Tossing forwards is something I’ve been aspiring to for a long time now, and I’m hoping that by sailing along side Hatteras locales, I’ll be inspired to follow suit. I’m so ready to rotate, and I want it bad.

Dana Miller-Pistol River July07

I hope to stay current with the web site while I’m down there, so check back daily for updates. Wish me luck!