Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Main Event - Loop-Off Day

What an amazing day! The conditions were almost perfect for the Main Event. South West mid-twenties.

While I have yet to sail away from a forward and am not a serious competitor (this year anyway), it was still a lot of fun to participate. I feel so fortunate to be part of the first ever Hatteras Loop Fest.

With the gallery up on the beach and dunes watching and photographers documenting the action, it felt like a PWA event.

Bill smacking a lip:+

Bill again:

and again:

Loop off King Keith McCulloch

Keith again

Just having a blast!

Andy setting up to smack the lip and...

throw some spray

One of the few times I tried a forward today:

Here I'm trying again

One of my better wave rides:

Andy McKinney won the trophy for most loop attempts:

Ken Kellar on a nice one:

Here are some shots from the after event party at Ocean Air

Ken made the commit today!

and scored a new Go-Pro camera

Fitting sunset to an epic day


Anonymous said...

great coverage and photos! thanks janis for taking all the shots! -Keith

Anonymous said...

Great photos, great sailing. You guys rock. Glad to meet you and will run into you soon.