Thursday, June 19, 2008

No wind today

So its now been 36 hours or so since that epic sesh yestderday where I went for my first forward loops. I'd like to report that I don't have a single bruise. Amazing.
My neck however seems to be a little stiff, but I think thats because I was so tense and didn't really roll with the flow on impact. Next time I will "be like water my friend" (quote from Bruce Lee)

These flowers in front of Ocean Air Sports (formerly Windsurfing Hatteras) reminded me of Maui.

Old Road

Went surfing at the lighthouse this afternoon. There seemed to be a decent swell rolling in, but I can't say that I really rode any decent waves.

Came back to the cottage and tended to the van, tweaked the gear, changed my lines

Rinsed of the carbon and my boards:

They're forecasting some good wind for the next 3 days so everyone is getting pretty amped up in anticipation. Well, the van is locked and loaded-ready to deploy to the next windy beach.

Canadian Hole as the sun is going dowm. The fading light plays so sweet off the water at sunset:

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