Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Light wind day

Light wind day so Ken and I took long boards out into Pamlico Sound and went exploring:

We're staying in this house i think is called Avon Windsurfers delight. Its pretty much right on the sound.

Starboard Serenity, the board slices through glassy water like soft butter.

We sailed around tiny islands, and up and down different channels.

I think thats the IWindsurf Avon Sound sensor.

So here is a very short mast mount of me cruising Pamlico Sound. It may not look very exciting, but it is so relaxing to be out there all by yourself just gliding over the water. I rented this one from Sailworld. They have a great selection of boards so just stop by the shop which is right next to Video Village in Avon.
Also, Sailworld is the closest shop to the Canadian Hole.

Around 6.30pm, weather front came thru w/some heavy rain. This shot is amazing, can't even distinguish the horizon from the sound.

After dinner, the weather quickly cleared, so I went outside and worked on sail handling technique during the forward loop. All in the same motion, reach further back on the boom and sheet in w/the back arm, extend the front arm, both of which has the effect of canting the rig forward and leeward. Look back like you mean it, and pull up w/back leg. Those steps are burned into my brain. Looking at these shots, all appears correct, but I wonder if i've reach back far enough w/the back hand?

Took an evening walk and snapped these shots.

I've stayed there before. This year we're right next door.

Upon further review, this one from yesterday derserves putting up:

This is a cool shot of the reflection on the water of the house across canal:


Bill said...

Again, great shots George!

That one of the kayak where you can not differentiate the sound water from the sky is pure beauty.

Also, the shot of Chris pitching forward is a great photo of the key commit hurdles learning to loop. It really showcases "looking" at the water in front of him, and not pulling in with the back arm. Great shot, especially for learning loopers.

If Chris was looking back, had the back arm further back on the boom, and pulled in, he would have made it! His feet position is correct.

Go Chris, you will hit the FWD soon!

Catapulting Aaron said...

george, very nice photos! the OBX is easily one of my favorite places in the world...