Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Assateague delivers, again!

What a weekend it was! Saturday was an unqualified epic day. What were the odds of scoring there again? Well, this week it was 100%. Ken Kellar made it out this time to make up for what he missed on saturday. He took full advatnage of the flukey winds, rigging his sailworks 5.8 to perfection as he always does. We arrived at 8am and sailed till about 2pm. Not epic, but tons of fun!

The Assateague sensor was down. This is the graph from Ocean City, 15 miles or so to the north:

Now while that graph doesn't look like much, we were able to make it work w/5.8s and our JP fsw 91ltrs.

Because Ken missed out on the epic sailing saturday, he also missed out on fantastic photographs my wife took (thank you sweetheart), and I know missing out the photo shoot was just about as painful as missing the sailing. Well not quite, but close. So I felt compelled to sit one session out and snap a few shots of Ken w/the Nikon. I know my shots leave alot to be desired, but the light wasn't as good, and blah blah blah.

Now while the wind was lighter than saturday, the waves where a heckuva lot bigger, and we had a blast!

We arrived at high tide so the shore break was bigger too:


Some air time!

Headin out:

I like this one:

Another nice jump.. pull in with the back hand and look back over your shoulder!

That one!

Backside riding:

No place I'd rather be then a windy beach with my gear:

Down the line rides w/light wind and a strong current often translated into a few "walks".. but it was all worth it!

My stuff getting a rest as I played photographer:

Hatteras in 9 days. Cant wait!!

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