Monday, June 16, 2008

Finally got some decent wind

Began the day surfing, then the wind filled in around 3pm and had a sweet 5.8 session at ego. Awesome to get out on the ocean down here. The water is so blue.
Hit some pretty sweet springy jumps off of ramps on the outside. No solid waves really, although I did make a few turns.

Then we carried our stuff back over the dunes to blast at the hole.

A lot of Hatteras locales showed up, and the skill level of the sailing was very high. No loop attempts from me today although there where plenty of flat water loops tossed by Bill Bell and Andy Mckinney. Stuart, thanks for getting most of these shots!

Andy Mckinney, i think doing a vulcan

Andy again

Somebody exploded:

Ken Kellar duck gybe:

Ken again:

Me gybing at the hole

Me again

Andy again:

We all unrigged as the sun was going down over the sound, then Andy and Anne, Bill, Stuart, Drew and I headed over to Mack Daddy's for some grinds and beer. I'm so stoked to have made new friends down here.

Shot lots of video today. Here is the first short video pulled from Ken's helmet cam.

This video is from my helmet cam:

So a great sunny and windy day on Hatteras, a special place for sure. Wind is cranking out there tonight and is should continue thru late AM. Looks like a dawn patrol at Izzies. I'm all over that.


Janis Markopoulos said...

Hi Honey! Those are great shots. I love the one of Ken jumping the sunset shot. I hope you get more wind today. Stay safe. Love ya!

Outdrsmn said...

Nice shots. Glad to see you are getting some action down there. Looks like Andy's wrist is all healed up. I'm still a month away from this years first scheduled visit to paradise.

Bill said...

Great pics George! Really sums up the experience yesterday!

I enjoyed the loop crash where you see the sail crumpling upon impact. Of all the flat water looped I tried yesterday, that was the only one that caused a little bit of pain (back arched from being hooked in). During the final bounce to pop the board out of the water, my harness hooked and threw off my control...held on to the boom though which kept me going around, even if the board was late to follow. Fun times!

Catapulting Aaron said...


Great post and content. I had a great time sailing with OBX locals in may. It was probably one of the most fun sessions I've had all year.

keep ripping!