Monday, June 2, 2008

Reflections on an epic day

Somehow i've caught a pretty wicked cold. So what do you do when you're off of work and home all day? Go thru the video of course and try and find some nice still frames in there. Here are a few.

Splash on touch down:

I'm setting up to ride this one:

Cool splash from a lip smack:

Rolling swell on the outside:

In between:

Nice view thru my sail:

James Roe headin out:

Lastly, i re-edited the video into a shorter piece. I also choose to keep the original auido. Something about hearing the board slap the water makes it seem more authenitic. I love how it goes all quiet when your on a wave.

Here is ancillary anecdote from Saturday involving a kiter. I came off the water around 3.30. Niko, Josh, James and I were on the beach reflecting on the action, and we see a kite down in the water, heading downwind to Ocean City. Obviously a kiter had had some trouble. Well one of the kiters friends comes running up to us and asked to borrow one of our boards to. He was gonna paddle out and recover the kite.

Turns out, Niko sailed out and tried to recover the kite himself. This was about 4pm.
If you look at the wind graph from my post yesterday, the wind went offshore shortly after 4pm. Violent storms moved thru the area. We're talking a tornado warning was issued.

I got an email from Niko last night that went something like this:
“Not sure if you heard what happened, but I lost my stuff trying to recover that kite. Board, sail, mast, boom, everything, and had to swim about a mile to get back to the beach”.

Now he didn’t give me alot more detail than that, but I figure it had to of been the off shore wind and violent storms that conspired to make an otherwise epic day for Niko very costly. I wonder if he can get the kiter to reimburse him? Sounds reasonable to me, no? One day I'll do a post on the time a kiter smsashed into my van windshield and had to medivac'd to shock trauma.

I was wrong about the wind going offshore. Apparently, he tried to tow the kite with his board. When he reached the kite, he grabbed the bar tried to fly it. No go. Then apparently he stuck the bar in his back strap and pulled it across the wind, thinking he may have been able to drag it in, or at least close enough for the kiter to get to it. When he began his water start, the kite took off spinning in the air dragging his equipment. Quite a long swim after that.

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Josh said...

George it was good to meet up with you guys at assateague. Let me know next time ur going 724-840-2210 or my email The sailing deffinately got a little sketchy around 4 as there was hardly enough power to waterstart and I can see how nico had to bail on his gear. Hope to see you guys out there again soon.