Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sweet late afternoon/evening sesh at the Hole

Turns out we had to check out of our cottage today, so it was a mad rush to get out by 9am. I helped Ken out by taking his kayaks back. My van was packed to the gills

So long Ken

This is where I'm staying tonight.

I'm in the end unit:

In the town of Buxton

Had breakfast here:

Very close to the Light House

Canadian Hole:

Andy, Anne and I scored a fantastic late afternoon sesh at the hole. We had the entire place to ourselves! Wind was I think SSE so slightly offshore at the hole. Perfect for flat water freestylin.

Andy showed me some tricks like body drags, vulcans, heli tacks, and probably a few other that I don't have any idea what they where. The guy rips. Andy, next time I'm back (which could be soon!) I'll hopefully be sailing away from forwards. Smack talk wont be far behind!!!

Took some shots of Andy. Its the least I can do since he got me over the hurdle to toss forwards! Andy-beers on me in perpetuity bud!

Sweet body drag!

I spent a good part of the day at Sailworld wating for the wind to come up. Andy showed me how to knock down an old fin and covert to a freestyle fin. I was pretty much shocked that i could fairly well rock w/such a short fin. Was a blast to spin the board around!

I don't think the weather is going to support the loop off tomorrow so I'm leaving the island tomorrow morning. I've had a great time. Had many great ocean sessions, and a bunch at the hole too. My sailing has improved. Heck, I'm tossing forward loops now! Assateague, here I come!

I'm anxious to get home though, I miss my wife very much.

Look at that horizan! Another beautiful sunset at the Canadian Hole:

Here is the video:


Andy said...

George- glad you had a good trip! The wind was a bit spotty, but still plenty of fun. Nice pics, and that video rocks! I'm gonna embed it, if you don't mind!

See ya next time, keep rocking those forwards!

George Markopoulos said...

Andy-you got me tossing forwards. You can have my kidney if you need it! Go ahead and embed the video!