Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel

Controlled burn of some crops in North Carolina

Gettin close now! Just over the Oregan Inlet Bridge onto Hatteras Island:

I'm not that good w/out a sail attached to my board, but even a kook like me could catch these waves. So much fun!

Back the parking lot at the hole

My soul mate

Saturday evening, Andy Mckinney of Sailworld hosted an informal loop clinic. I am so appreciate of both Andy and Bill for the effort and organization involved. I walked away from the clinic w/new thoughts and techincal knowledge on the forward.

Andy Mckinney of Sailworld, and Bill Bell

Andy giving out some knowledge:

Stuart was also a wealth of knowledge:

Tossing forwards is easy! Lift and sheet in w/back hand, extend front front hand, amongst a few other critical points:

All of the loopfest partcipants scored some swag!
I was lucky and scored the grand prize, a brand new DaKine T3 harness!

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